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Language: Latin
Lyrics: Eucharistic Prayer
Duration: 4:30




SKU: 32311-BEN2016-6
  • I refer to "Benedictus" as a "tangental opus" because it was originally conceived as part of my bigger work, Missa Brevis. As the work came into it's own, it was clear that the "Benedictus" didn't belong. "Benedictus" was cut from the Mass very early in the process of writing, however the material, particularly the mid-range ostinato continued loudly singing in the proverbial back of my mind. Just as that ostinato persists throughout the piece, it persisted in my ear until I finally hashed it out on the page.
    "Benedictus" was born, making references to the Missa Brevis but is it's own piece and should not be programmed as part of the Mass, though may make a nice companion piece to it.
    I hope you enjoy performing this little piece. Originally abandoned in the waste basket, the music insisted on existing and I'm incredibly glad that it did. 

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