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Let This Be Heaven

( s a t b + piano, tree branches )

Commissioned by the Wasatch Chorale, Jennifer Heder, conductor for the 2018 annual Orem Invitation Choral Festival.

World premier by the Wasatch Chorale, Jennifer Heder, conductor  at Orem High School in Orem, Utah on March 29, 2018.


PROJECT : ENCORE Selection, Fall 2020


The desire to climb is an instinct of humanity.

I embark on my ascent and cross intricate paths and trails through tangles of luxurious ferns and dainty columbines. Over velvety mosses I passed the hillside strewn about with pretty pebbles and past milky waterfalls that cause strange birds to sing. 

I left smoke and dirt and dust behind at lower altitudes for the distilled air of higher elevations. After I catch my breath I continue on my journey.

I feel life surging through me. The summit stands before me! It's shadow covers me. With might effort I draw myself up a ledge of rock. Rock on rock. Stone on stone. 

The summit! At last!

Harrison B. Merrill

from "The Lure of the Summit" 

Timpanogos: Wonder Mountain (1922)

adapted by the composer

Just leave my spirit here somewhere.

Oh Lord, let this be heaven. 

Harrison B. Merrill

from "O God, Let this be Heaven" (1938) 

adapted by the composer

This piece is perfect for exposing your singers to contemporary and impressionistic choral music. The music and lyrics take listeners on a strenuous journey climbing a majestic mountain to realize the thrill of achievement after reaching the summit. Fun and unconventional features include a yodeling solo and the rustling sound of tree branches. The piece invites the singers to explore different vocal colors and techniques.

Language: English

Lyrics: Harrison B. Merrill

Duration: 5'

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