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Justitiae Domini

( s a t b )

Singers and audiences alike will be captivated by this exciting piece of contrasts. The music combines driving ostinato sections with contrasting passages of sweetly composed dissonance. The piece develops into increasing intensity using complex and exciting chords and rhythms that lead to its conclusion. Finally, simple and sensitive harmonies paint the word “rectae” or “correct”. Although the piece is rated for advanced choirs, it is very accessible for experienced singers.

Language: Latin

Lyrics: Eucharistic Prayer

Duration: 4'

The statutes of the Lord are right,

and rejoice the heart

His judgements are sweet also than honey,

and the honey-comb.

For thy servant keeps them.

Justitiae Domini rectae,

laetificantes corda;

et judicia eius dulciora

super mel et favum.

Nam servus tuus custodit ea.

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