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Cantate Domino

( s a t b )

2nd Place Winner in the 40th Annual Ithaca College School of Music and Mark Foster Publishing Choral Composition Contest, 2019.

First Performance given by Ward Melville High School, Suffolk County, NY; Linda Contino, conductor at Ithaca College, NY on 23 March, 2019.

Hold on to your hats! This isn't your usual "Cantate Domino." Described by other composers as "downright rowdy" and "chaotic" this piece is fully of energy and passion. Accessible to a mid to high-level high school ensemble as well as professional ensembles, this piece makes an exciting opener or closer to any program, sure to excite your audience by defying expectations of what a "Cantate Domino" should be. 

Opening with an exciting rallying call, this song quickly dives into a driving rhythm with a syncopated melody before builds to an exciting finish. This is sure to excite your choir and your audience!

Language: Latin

Lyrics:  Psalm 96

Duration: 3'30"

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