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For Cantorum Chamber Choir, Steven Durschi, Artistic Director.


First performance given by Cantorum Chamber Choir, Steve Durtschi, conductor at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Orem, Utah on February 13, 2017.

PROJECT : ENCORE Selection, Fall 2017

Dedicated to Cantorum Chamber Choir based in Orem, Utah, this piece is a simple and sincere prayer. With beautiful harmonies and a satisfying climactic moment, this song is a perfect addition to festival repertoire, church services, or a moment in your program that needs some introspection, peace, and impact. This piece also features some short aleatoric moments that have a meditative quality after a slow but impactful build up. Selected by Project Encore, a catalog of contemporary choral music reviewed and endorsed by a panel of renowned conductors, this piece is sure to touch audiences and singers alike.

Language: Latin

Lyrics: Eucharistic Prayer

Duration: 4'

Blessed is he that cometh

in the name of the Lord.

Benedictus qui venit

in Nomine Domini.

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